Raw & Living-food cooking class

One-day 9am-4pm

Fee: 5.000 Baht (Minimum 2 pers.) Including lunch.

I was introduced to living-food cooking with 90 years old French Naturopath Irene Grosjean, a pioneer in this field in France. I am now happy to share her knowledge and pass it on to new generations of people interested in the concept of raw and vegan food to support a healthy life style.

Raw food preparation is performed without cooking, never heating the food to more than 40°C or 104°F. Students new to this concept will be introduced to the process of using a dehydrator, one of the primary pieces of equipment in raw food preparation along with a juicer and a blender.

Students are introduced to the primary ingredients used for the course including flax seed, chia seed, cashew nuts and almonds. agave syrup, maple syrup, coconut sugar, coconut oil, grated coconut, psyllium husk, agar-agar, cacao, avocado...

This class is designed for beginners but is opened to everyone.

Program of the day:

- Living food concept and nutrition science

- Physio-Biology of cells and digestive system

- I will demonstrate the technique of all below recipes, students will take notes and help along the way:

1) How to make your own vegan milk

2) Almond and Coconut Cookies

3) Vegetable Crackers (bread alternative)

4) Fruits and Vegetables Smoothies as a meal

5) Vegan raw Cheese

6) Healthy salad combination with germinated seeds

7) Raw Lemon Tart

8) Chocolate and avocado cream/mousse

...and more depending on interest and time.

We will taste our creations during lunch time and whenever it pleases us. :-)