Blue Eden


Clinic Room

Alternative, Complementary, Holistic Treatments.

Blue Eden Holistic Room is a Private and cozy room in Ekkamai Bangkok, owned by skilled and experienced French Hygienist-Naturopath and Alternative Medicine Therapist Mamouchka who offers patient-centered treatments with a holistic approach.

Mamouchka can also guide you towards new possibilities to recover from chronic, autoimmune, even life threatening "dis-eases".

If you don't really know what treatment would be best for you, Mamouchka will find the right one or a combination.


- Chronic physical pain, sprain, aches...

- Weight issue and obesity

- Paralysis from stroke

- Recovering and letting go from any emotional baggage and trauma (childhood, parents, divorce, death, addiction, depression, sadness, fears/phobias...)

- Difficulties getting pregnant, promoting baby's health during pregnancy & relaxing before delivery.

- Cancer solutions and chimio side effects. Understanding why you have cancer will give "Every cancer has an explanation" Dr Hamer.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments:

- Acupuncture & Electro-acupuncture

- Moxibustion

- Cupping, Guasha

Natural-Holistic Treatments:

- Naturopathic Consultation & health plan

- Access Bars Consciousness

- Cranio Sacral Therapy (C.S.T)

- Emotionally Focused Transformation (Meridian Tapping & light Hypnosis)

- Reiki energy

- Crystal therapy

- B.E.M.E.R Vascular therapy (Bio-Electro-Magnetism-Energy-Regulation)

- Spine inversion table