About the Therapist

Mamouchka is my nickname :-)

25 years ago, while living in France, i started using natural remedies to recover from childhood illnesses, well cared for with antibiotics, other drugs and unnecessary surgeries by conventional medicine. With the help of a naturopath in the south of France who completely surprised me about what i was doing wrong, i decided to change my habits and alongside orient my career in the naturopathic and holistic medicine field to guide people towards "True" health.

My goal is to open one's mind/consciousness and make him/her understand what is the real and deep cause of most illnesses or discomforts, something that doctors ignore because it is unfortunately not taught in physician's schools.

"Schools don't teach us everything, a good therapist should be ready to learn from bohemians, nomads and outlaws. He should conduct researches among people of all walks of life, in search of enriching his knowledge. He needs to travel, live multiple adventures and never stop learning" Dr.Paracelse 16e C

After two years in Jakarta, i arrived in Bangkok where I got introduced to Reiki energy. Not long after, during a check up, fibrosis was discovered in my uterus and I totally healed with this Universal tool. I am now Reiki Master-Teacher and feel a deep attachment to this natural healing modality.

I then enrolled in different traditional medicine schools and academies, attended different educational seminars, took American, German and French alternative health care practitioners training, researched and studied from western naturopath pioneers.

While in Hanoi (2010-2012) I studied some Chinese medicine directly under practicing physicians in a clinical atmosphere. During that time, I also worked along with local and expat doctors, osteopaths, counselors, physiotherapists, homeopaths, psychologists, to help people in their everyday life.

Last but not least, I had the privilege to encounter and be trained, in France, by 90 years old famous doctor in "True Naturopathy" Irene Grosjean. She passes her knowledge to health care professionals on how food have a huge impact on human's physiologic and biologic system causing most illnesses labelled "chronic or autoimmune" by conventional medicine.

She is my mentor at the present moment, along with Prof. Ehret, Prof Jauvais, Hygienist Thierry Casasnovas, Dr Tal Schaller, Fabien Moine and Julien Allaire, all outstanding Naturopath and health care professionals in Europe.

Certifications and diplomas:

Chivasom Academy (Thailand)

- Anatomy and Physiology

CIBTAC international (UK )

- Anatomy and Physiology.

Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences (Thailand)

- Crystal therapy

Wat Po Medical Massage School (Thailand)

- Thai massage - Oil massage - Foot massage

Siam Benja Siri School (Thailand)

- Hot stone therapy - Swedish massage - Indian head massage

Therapist Training Center, T.T.C Spa school (Thailand)

- Lymphatic drainage

Move on center, Stefan Reiter (Nepal)

- Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) Level 4: Advanced - Visceral Osteopathy - E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Robert.G.Smith, Oklahoma (USA)

- Faster E.F.T (Emotionally Focused Transformation. Technique using E.F.T, N.L.P and light Hypnosis).

Yakushi clinic, Dr. Thuy (Vietnam)

- Fire glass cupping

Ministry of Health. National Hospital of Traditional Medicine (Vietnam)

- Acupuncture - Electro-Acupuncture - Bamboo Cupping - Moxibustion

Benoit Trudel, Bars Facilitator ()

- Bars access practitioner level 1

Bonnie Lesbordes, Bars Facilitator (France)

- Bars access practitioner level 2

Yumi, Bars Facilitator (France)

- Bars access Facilitator (teacher)

Centre de formation Ă  distance (C.F.D) (Belgium)

- Naturopathy

Naturopath Doctors Irene & Sylvie Grosjean (France)

- True naturopathy classes for health care professionals- Raw and living food cooking

Joy Therapy (France)

- Iridology

Chiang Mai

Hospital of traditional medicine. Hanoi

Irene Grosjean

Venerable Mae Chee

Teaching a raw cooking class