Bol d'air Jacquier therapy


Cell oxygenation, antioxidant, antiaging, anti pathogens, anti cancer...

Created by engineer chimiste René Jacquier in 1960s, The Bol d'Air Jacquier is used to create a molecule able to deliver oxygen at the cellular level to manage cells hypoxia due to atmospheric pollution, stress, ageing, domestic pollution, unhealthy food or inflammatory disease.

It is not easy to breathe efficiently in our modern world. And yet, the right level of oxygenation is essential for good health.

The Bol d’air optimizes the oxygenation of the body. It looks after and increases our ability to assimilate the oxygen we usually inhale.

What does oxygen do?

Oxygen’s primary function is to provide our body with energy. lt all happens within the ceIls, in little organelles called mitochondria which are real energy generators: they use oxygen to transform nutriments from the digestive process into energy that can be used directly by the cell (ATP). When oxygen is present, a single molecule of glucose can provide 36 units of energy, but in the absence of oxygen it will only provide 2…

Oxygen also helps to counter pathogens and control highly reactive free radicals, too many of which harm the body.

This approach has nothing to do with quantitative oxygenation which involves inhaling more oxygen than is naturally present in the air. The Bol d’air method is natural, safe and non-addictive.

What’s under-oxygenation?

The body is in a state of under-oxygenation (or hypoxia) when there is a deficit of available oxygen in the tissues. Even if there is a sufficient quantity of oxygen in the air, the body is no longer able to assimilate it correctly. This can happen in various situations:

Atmospheric pollution, smoking, illnesses, stress, intense physical exercise, ageing, cooked/fried food...

The great outdoors – a solution

René Jacquier observed that even in ancient times, places that were considered to have health giving properties were situated in fir and pine forests. Going from observation to experimentation he found the answer to his question in the pine essences of the Landes (Pinus pinaster).

The role of pine essence

Pine resin essence, rich in alpha and beta pinenes, is used in medicine and cosmetics for its very well known beneficial properties: it is antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic etc.

It is composed of unsaturated aromatic molecules that offer the possibility of a supplementary chemical liaison.

In the atmosphere, and in certain physical and meteorological conditions, these molecules become super-charged with oxygen making them very reactive.

It was with this natural phenomenon in mind that René Jacquier thought up the Bol d’air solution: using essential pine resin oil (turpentine) to create an oxygen carrier.

Oxygen that’s easy to assimilate

The pinenes in the essential oil Orésine®, transformed by peroxidation, become facilitators of cellular oxygenation. That’s why René Jacquier called them biocatalysts.

Balanced oxygenation

Using the Bol d’air means that the body is better oxygenated, in a simple and natural way:

• cellular respiration happens without the risk of oxidative stress stemming from either a deficit of or an excess oxygen.

• mitochondrial function improves:

– there is a growth in the production of energy

– anti-radical defenses are reinforced

• the bioavailability of oxygen is improved.

Breath !!

cellular oxygenation

Pure O2 from fir pine forest

Resin from Pinus pinaster, better known as "Landes pine" or "Maritime pine"