General Naturopathic Consultation


"It is not always under the power of a doctor to heal the patient" Hippocrates.

Nature-Path (Latin) "natural path to healing".

Naturopathy is a non conventional medicine recognized by World Health Organisation (W.H.O) whose purpose is to cure any suffering "without arming" by following universal natural laws.

Our body possesses its own inner intelligence and will do whatever it can to maintain a perfect balance and harmony called "homeostasis". The discomforts that we experience (headaches, body pain, flu, cought, fever, inflammation...) are side effect generated by the body fighting to regain homeostasis when we disregarded these natural laws.

The "True" naturopathy take into consideration the constitutional encumbrances on the cellular level that have been obstructing one's organism since birth (sticky substances left behind by mucus-forming food in the body after ingestion). The average person has as much as 5 kg of uneliminated feces in the bowel continually poisoning the bloodstream in the entire system leading to fatigue, sicknesses and mental issues such as depression, anxiety and worse.

During a consultation, Mamouchka will seek all disruptive health factors. A picture of your Iris might be taken if necessary to trace any internal signs of heavy metals, stress, inflammation, digestive issues etc.

A step by step new health plan including natural treatments will be set up for each individual.

What is Naturopathy?


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