Naturopathic Consultation

"It is not always under the power of a doctor to heal the patient" Hippocrates.

Before the booming of medical science, technology and chemical medicine, doctors were using natural remedies to treat their patient. Remedies and techniques that are ironically referred to nowadays as "grandma's".

Nature-Path (Latin) "natural path to healing" or Nature-Pathos (Grec) "what we feel and affect body or soul".

Naturopathy is a true medicine recognised by World Health Organisation (W.H.O) whose purpose is to cure any suffering "without arming" by following natural laws.

Our body has an inner intelligence and will do whatever it can to keep us healthy and maintain a perfect balance and harmony called "homeostasis". The discomforts that we experience (headaches, pain, flu, fever, inflammation...) are side effect generated by the body fighting to regain homeostasis when we disregarded these natural laws.

During a consultation, Mamouchka will ask questions in order to seek all disruptive health factors. A picture of your Iris will be taken if necessary (check iridology section) to trace any internal signs of heavy metals, stress, inflammation, digestive issues etc.

Advises and health plan will be tailored for each unique person.

Ten techniques can be used in Naturopathy to support your recovery. Mamouchka will choose the most appropriate ones for each person.

1. Bromatology (Food science).

2. Phytology (Plant science).

3. Kinesiology (Body intelligence).

4. Chirology (Hands on techniques).

5. Pneumology (Breathing).

6. Hydrology (Water science).

7. Actinology (Sun rays science).

8. Reflexology.

9. Magnetology.

10. Psychology (Emotions)

What is Naturopathy?



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