Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST)


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Developed by Dr Upledger to complement his Osteopathy practice in the 70s.

Gentle, effective and patient-centered, Cranio Sacral Biodynamic Osteopathy Therapy is a well-established method designed to enhance the functioning of the cranio sacral system.

This vital system is made up of the membranes and fluid (cerebro spinal fluid) that surround, protect and nourish the brain and spinal cord.

It extends from the bones of the head, face and mouth to the sacrum or tailbone area.

Since the craniosacral system directly impacts the central nervous system, it is easy to see how an imbalance there could cause any number of Sensory, Motor or Neurological problems.

Without pain or discomfort, the therapist feels the subtle craniosacral rhythm (inextricably linked with physical and emotional health) and facilitates the letting go of patterns which restrict vitality, enhancing the body's natural capacity for self-repair.

The therapist uses Osteopathy techniques to gently manipulates the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord.

Of course, these membranes cannot be directly reached from outside the body. However, since they have attachments to the bones of the head (cranium) and the inside of the tailbone (sacrum), the therapist can use these bones to affect the membranes themselves.

As membranes restrictions are released the body begins to return to optimal functioning.

- The benefits of this treatment is endless.

The results can be life-changing.

CST can dramatically increase wellness and vitality as well as addressing physical aches and pain, acute and chronic diseases, emotional or psychological disturbances.

It can be used as a tool in preventive health for its ability to increase resistance to disease.

Dental work can be supported by CST.

Migraines, chronic neck and back pain, motor-coordination impairments, autism, central nervous system disorders, spinal injuries (car or sport accident), infantile disorders, dyslexia, chronic fatigue, emotional difficulties, stress and tension-related problems, fibromyalgia, temporal-mandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), post traumatic stress disorders, birth issues (at any age), memory loss, Parkinson...

Children with Ear-Nose issues, concentration difficulties, difficulties at birth, autism, fatigue, dyslexia, growing body pain, teeth disorder (good after dental work), stress ...

What is C.S.T?

Central Nervous System

For Kids

Children with Ear-Nose issues - Concentration difficulties - Birth difficulties - Autism - Fatigue - Dyslexia - Growing body pain - Teeth disorder (good after dental work) - Stress ...