Oil Body Massage training course

6 modules of 3 hours each.

Fee: 20.000 Baht. (Minimum 2 pers.)

"Wat Pho" is a famous massage school in Thailand. But to study Oil massage there, you need a Thai massage certificate as a pre-requisite. To save you time and money, I created this unique class to enable motivated people a faster access to this amazing Wat Pho Oil massage technique that completely soothes the central nervous system. You will be primarily working along the body meridian, channelling vital energy, to release tensions and improve vitality.

6 modules are offered and can be taken separately (mornings, afternoons, evenings, week-ends, public holidays...) over few days or weeks, according to your busy agenda.

Module 1:

- Introduction to massage therapy

- Back massage practice

Module 2:

- Recap module 1 and practice

- Back legs massage

Module 3:

- Recap module 1,2 and practice

- Front legs massage

Module 4:

Recap module 1,2,3 and practice

- Stomach, torso massage

Module 5:

- Recap module 1,2,3,4 and practice

- Arms, hands, neck, head massage

Module 6:

- Recap of all modules

- Receive and give a full body oil massage

You will be given the Wat Pho manual and a certificate. Gently moving your hands on oily client's skin is a very pleasant feeling that almost brings you into a meditative state.