Crystal therapy

training course

One-day 9am-5pm

Fee: 6.000 Baht (Minimum 2 pers.)

This crystal healing course opens up a world of beautiful, colourful and fascinating crystals. Each mineral has its own unique qualities. Students learn the energetic powers of each crystal and their relationship to each of the chakras, a person’s spiritual energy centres.

Based on a solid foundation of essential crystal therapy, students will also learn how they can be applied in conjunction with reiki, massage, visualisation and meditation.

You will learn:

- History of crystals

- From ancient to modern

- Crystals systems, hardness, forms

- How to choose a crystal

- Chemical elements

- How the healing process occurs

- Aura, chakra, energy, colours

- Study of special stones (Tiger Eye, Larimar, Labradorite, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Jade...)

- How to clean, purify a crystal

- How to program a crystal

- Table of suggested crystals for physical issues

- How to apply crystals on someone's body

You will be given a manual and a certificate. You will receive and give at least one treatment.