training course

Cranio-Sacral level 1

4 days, 9am-5pm

Fee: 20.000 Baht/pers (Minimum 2 pers)

Craniosacral therapy is an alternative treatment typically used by osteopaths, chiropractors, and massage therapists.

It uses a gentle touch to manipulate the joints in the cranium or skull, parts of the pelvis, and the spine to treat disease.

Craniosacral therapy (CST) was developed in the 1970s by John Upledger, a doctor of osteopathy as a form of cranial osteopathy.

The training offers a 4 days level 1 practitioner course for individuals wanting to discover and practice this technique on family, friends and clients. The training is bio dynamic in its approach orienting to the body's natural wisdom and allowing innate intelligent processes to arise and bring about authentic change. These changes will be physiological and psycho-emotional. The body’s own priorities for change are listened to and encouraged to arise. The art of the therapist is to connect with the underlying forces of health and facilitate a process of natural reorganisation. These forces express as subtle motion of tissues and fluids that can be felt by sensitive hands. Bio dynamic craniosacral therapy takes a whole-person approach to healing and the inter-connectedness of mind, body and spirit are deeply acknowledged.

During the training you will learn to perceive the body at different levels of organisation, the physical, the fluid and the energetic and follow how the body unfolds between one state and another. This leads you to be free flowing and mobile in your ability to perceive things and see the body and the world with different eyes.

The training includes home study that is a mixture of reading, writing, and hands-on practice.

You will be given a manual, a laminated recap paper of all hands position and techniques on skull, hips, feet, sacrum, neck.

This short 4 days training is outstanding and students are always amazed by the effectiveness of this technique.