A medicine to remove symptoms or a medicine to restore health?

Conventional medicine, also known as "allopathic", established itself in the 19th century. It is taught, practiced and recognized worldwide. Although very useful in emergency cases like a broken arm, an appendicitis or a car accident, population is more and more aware of its limits and are questioning its side effects.

This medicine targets the body's symptoms. One day, a red light turns on (headache, stomach pain, back pain...), a pill will be given to extinguish this disturbing light. But over time, the red light will light up more and more often, others will light up with it, and no more medicine will be strong enough to keep them all off.

Human body is infinitely complex. It is made of flesh, cells, different systems (hormonal, blood, lymphatic, respiratory, energetic) but also of emotions, moods, thoughts. There isn't too beings alike on earth, so there must be a unique solution per individual, depending on his/her lifestyle, education, past, family background, beliefs, reaction to stress, interpretation of events etc.

In the 21st century, the desire for "another medicine" has brought "traditional" methods from different countries up to date.

There is a wide range of natural methods that have their roots in India, Japan, China, Nepal or even South America. World Health Organisation (W.H.O) recognize Chinese medicine, Ayurveda medicine and Naturopathy medicine who use these alternative methods. Among them, which have proven themselves, there is "Tapping". By tapping with two fingers on certain acupressure points on the face and body, the therapist will work on our repressed emotions and thus release our resistances. Knee pain, backaches, fears and phobias, lack of self-esteem, sadness, traumas...vanish after one or few sessions.

"Acupuncture, cupping and guasha", are traditional Chinese methods used regularly for a wide range for physical or emotional issues.

"Cranio-Sacral Therapy" (CST) is a “hydraulic” work of the cerebrospinal fluid which surrounds the brain, crosses the spine and the sacrum, affecting the nervous system in its path. An harmonious flow, found by to the experienced hands of the therapist helps to heal diverse and varied symptoms such as depression, anxiety, lack of concentration, headache, neck, back, jaw pain …

"Reiki, Access Bars, essential oils, Bach flower, crystals, magnets, plants"...are among the long list of alternative treatments used by various naturopath and therapists.

According to Patrick Cohen, anthropologist and co-author of Cancer and therapeutic pluralism:

"Experience sometimes takes precedence over scientific knowledge, we don't know how it works, but we see that it works".

MAMOUCHKA, Naturopath.