Acupuncture course

Two-days “initiation to acupuncture” 9am-4pm

Fee: 15.000 Baht/pers (Minimum 2 pers.)

When I got interested in acupuncture few years ago, I couldn’t find any practitioner willing to teach me a few basic points to complement my therapy services or to use on myself and family. The only way to learn was to attend a Traditional Chinese Medicine school for 3 to 4 years, preferably in China. I couldn’t leave my family for so long and I am sure many of you don’t have that luxury either.

After 2 years of studying acupuncture theory on my own, I finally managed to find a Traditional Medicine hospital in Vietnam where I could practice what I had learnt under supervision of experienced local acupuncturist doctors. I spent hundreds of hours needling patients all day long for various departments: Oncology, Skin, Gynaecology, Back, Shoulder, Neck, Knee, Stroke, Ear…and I received two certificates from the hospital allowing me to use acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping for my clients.

I then decided to create an offer for motivated people, travellers, parents, health practitioners… the unique opportunity to receive an easy and safe two-days theory and practice acupuncture course, the kind of training I wish I could have attended few years back.

During those two days, you will learn:

- The 12 standard meridians

- Yin and yang meridians

- Arms and Legs meridians

- 2 extraordinary vessels

- Easy and safe most used acupuncture points

- Combination of points

- Extra point (outside the meridians)

- Needling concept

- Face acupuncture

- You will practice and experience on yourself

- You will be given a manual, boxes of needles for immediate home practice and a certificate of attendance.

This program is not available anywhere else !

It will enable you to safely enjoy the benefits of acupuncture for personal use or/and to add this professional tool in your own practice.