Blue Eden

Holistic Room

Naturopathy & Alternative Holistic Treatments to Restore health !

Blue Eden Holistic Room is a private and cozy room in Ekkamai, Bangkok, owned by highly skilled and experienced French therapist Mamouchka, certified in European Naturopathy and Alternative Holistic Medicine who offers consultations and patient-centered treatments with a caring holistic approach.

Naturopathy is one of the three natural medicine recognised by World Health Organisation (W.H.O) along with Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It seeks to use and respect the natural self-corrective tendencies of the body and focuses on treating "the underlying cause" of a symptom rather than the symptoms themselves.

Mamouchka was trained by outstanding and recognised doctors in naturopathy in France and will tailor your session according to your needs.


- Chronic physical pain, sprain, aches..

- Weight issue, difficulties to lose weight, digestive disorder...

- Paralysis from stroke.

- Low energy in general or after surgery, accident...

- Stressed/exhausted kids, teenagers, parents, workers...

- Recovering and letting go from any emotional baggage and trauma (childhood, parents, divorce, death, addiction, depression, sadness, fears/phobias...)

- Difficulties getting pregnant, promoting baby's health during pregnancy & relaxing before delivery.

- Cancer solutions. Understanding WHY you have/had cancer is the first step towards full recovery. "Every cancer has an explanation" Dr Hamer.

And more...

You will be guided towards new possibilities to regain health and happiness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments:

- Acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture

- Moxibustion, infra-red lamp

- Cupping, Guasha

Natural-Holistic Treatments:

- Naturopathic consultation & new health plan

- Iridology (health diagnosis through eyes/iris reading)

- Access Bars Consciousness

- Cranio Sacral Therapy (C.S.T)

- Emotionally Focused Transformation (Faster E.F.T/Tapping)

- Reiki/Universal energy therapy

- Crystal therapy

- B.E.M.E.R Vascular therapy (Bio-Electro-Magnetism-Energy-Regulation)

Naturopathic Consultation


Access Bars

Cranio Sacral



Faster E.F.T