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Hello, I am French and was introduced to Alternative and Complementary medicine (médecine parallèle) in 1996 in France. 
I treated myself with homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy, attended different biological decoding (décodage biologique) seminars, studied and practiced with different doctors, masters, healers and therapists the way of healing ourselves without medicine.
While living in Bangkok, I was diagnosed with a tumor and completely healed myself with the Universal life force energy "Reiki".
I am now Reiki master, practitioner and teacher.
While in Bangkok, I attended different eastern schools to learn more natural healing methods.(See certificates and diplomas below)
I also studied cupping and moxibustion with Vietnamese acupuncturists doctors while living in Hanoi from 2010 to 2012 and worked along with locals and expat doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, homeopaths, psychologists, counselors... to help people in their everyday life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I am now back in Bangkok since September 2012 and have created cozy "Blue Eden Holistic Room", where I give consultations, treatments, workshops and trainings (Check Training section).

I also am a consultant and Reiki teacher in different natural health centers in Bangkok, regularly go to Hospital to give Reiki and Cranio-Sacral treatments and travels frequently to Europe and Vietnam to teach, give treatments, conferences, and practice acupuncture in Hanoi traditional hospital (Oncology, Skin, Gynaecology, Spine, knee and Paediatric Department).

Certifications and diplômas:
  • Chivasom Academy, Thailand                                        - Anatomy and Physiology
  • CIBTAC international, UK                                               - Anatomy and Physiology. GradeHonors
  • Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences, Thailand     - Crystal therapy
  • Wat Po Medical Massage School, Thailand                              - Thai massage                                                                                     - Oil massage                                                                                           - Foot massage
  • Siam Benja Siri School, Thailand                                                   - Hot stone therapy                                                                               - Swedish massage                                                                               - Indian head massage
  • Therapist Training Center (TTC Spa school), Thailand              - Lymphatic drainage
  •  Move on center, Stefan Reiter (German ) Nepal                           - Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST)  Level 4: Advanced                              - Visceral Osteopathy                                                                              - EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)                                                                                
  • Robert.G.Smith, Oklahoma, USA                                                     - Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformation)                   technique, using EFT, N.L.P and light Hypnosis.
  • Acupuncturist Doctors, Vietnam                                             - Fire glass cupping (ventouses)                                            - Moxibustion
  • Ministry of Health, Vietnam                                                   National Hospital of Traditional Medicine Hanoi               - Acupuncture - Electro-acupuncture - Bamboo Cupping  - Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Caz Mac Donagh, Oneness University, India                    - Oneness Deeksha giver
  • Benoit Trudel, BARS ACCESS Facilitator Bangkok                - Bars Access 
Consultant and Reiki teacher at CHIVASOM ACADEMY and NIRAAMAYA CENTRE Bangkok.

Festival du Feminin Bangkok 2018.
"understanding and balancing your hormones" workshop.

Mamouchka-Muriel 2017

Hanoi,  Acupuncture in Hospital

Flying yoga 2016

Kao Yai Thailand 2016

With Venerable Mae Chee 
March 2018