Alternative, Complementary, Holistic Treatments using Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, Ancient and New techniques.

Acupuncture, green clay and cranio-sacral for foot pain.

Private room in Ekkamai, owned by skilled and experienced French therapist Mamouchka (see "about the therapist" section) who offers holistic, patient centered treatments, for people of all ages, culture and country, seeking natural ways for healing physical or emotional problems or just deeply relax and let go off stress, feel better, happier.

    • Chronic physical pain (neck, knee, shoulder, hands, back, head, ankle...)
    • Sprain, aches...
    • Weight issue
    • Burn out, Insomnia
    • Paralysis from stroke
    • Recovering and letting go from any emotional baggage and trauma (childhood, parents, divorce, death, addiction, depression, sadness, fears/phobias, body image issues...)
    • Promoting baby's health during pregnancy & relaxing before delivery. Infertility.
    • Cancer solutions and chimio side effects
    • Facial cosmetic rejuvenation

Traditional Chinese Medicine:
    1. Acupuncture
    2. Electro-acupuncture
    3. Auriculotherapy
    4. Cosmetic acupuncture 
    5. Moxibustion (Moxa)
    6. Cupping (Ventouses)
    7. Guasha
Naturopathic treatments:
    1. Bars Access
    2. Cranio Sacral Therapy (C.S.T)
    3. Visceral Osteopathy
    4. Emotionally Focused Transformation (Tapping under light hypnosis) 
    5. Reiki 
    6. Crystal therapy

Tapping for "fear of exams"

C.S.T for nose/ear issue

Cosmetic Acupuncture