Cosmetic acupuncture

Newest anti-ageing holistic technique

Also called "acupunctural face lift", It helps fight the natural causes of aging, wrinkles, age spots, jowls, rosacea, acne, etc. It covers the entire face, firms the skin and lightens the complexion.

By inserting extra thin needles, a "mini trauma'' is created which will push the blood to rush on this area, bringing with him the vital energy and nutrients for the cell renewal, the elasticity of the skin and to stimulate the formation of collagen.

20 needles are implanted for 30 minutes on specific locations of the face, including chin and neck. Others are applied on the body in order to harmonise the hormones and the digestive system often responsible for the condition of our skin.

The process is both, external and internal, working at the relaxation of our entire system.

The number and frequency of treatments vary depending on the person, but in general the Protocol is of 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks then a maintenance session every 2 to 3 months.

Some people can do a small needle insertion bruise which dissipates quickly, otherwise there is no side effects.